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DNA Blue No.4

DNA Blue No.4

DNA Blue, No. 4, represents the pinnacle of the DNA shuttlecock line, and is renowned for its exceptional quality among badminton enthusiasts. Comparable to the esteemed YONEX ACL30 and VICTOR Master Champion No. 1 shuttlecocks, DNA Blue No. 4 is crafted from the highest grade of goose feathers available, and is designed to provide an unparalleled hitting experience. Additionally, we use premium quality corks and cork covers to ensure optimal feel during gameplay.

All of the threads and glues used in the production of our shuttlecocks are imported to China, enabling us to provide badminton enthusiasts with consistently accurate flight patterns and exceptional durability. Customers who purchase this particular grade of shuttlecocks receive excellent value for their money, as they are able to obtain a product that is on par with the most expensive shuttlecock grades on the market, while paying at least $10 less.

  • The maximum order quantity is 200 tubes. For large bulk orders, please reach out to
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