Our Mission

Here at Pickleball Badminton Center Court operated by DNA Sports, also known as PBC, we are dedicated to enhancing the pickleball and badminton experience for our community.

Our facilities have been revamped with a special focus on player comfort, incorporating cushioned flooring to minimize joint discomfort.

Our passion for these sports extends beyond the court, as we are committed to fostering their growth through inclusive training programs tailored to all genders, ages, and skill levels.

We offer up to 5 pickleball courts or up to 6 badminton courts.

Pickleball court reservations are $40 per hour and badminton reservations are $38 per hour. The price for walk-ins is $15 (subject to availability).

Please refer to our indoor court shoe policy before playing on our courts.

Please sign our waiver form if you intend to play on our courts.

DNA Pickleball Paddle - DNA Sports


Interested in pickleball? Learn more about what we have to offer here at PBC!

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As badminton enthusiasts ourselves, check out what we have to offer! Whether it be lessons or booking private courts, we have you covered!

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